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Relaxing, luxury, and therapeutic  If these words get you excited then you are in for a treat! handmade bath and body salves & serums my products don't fit in like the others they are handcrafted to stand out.

Heartmade is more than just a name it's a personal journey of love. 

Why Choose Us?

What Makes Heartmade Different?  

Heartmade doesn't fit in but stands out. My products are different, they are not cookie cutter mass produced, you won't get a store bought looking product. My products are handcrafted in small batches. At  Heartmade, I strive to offer the highest quality bath, body, and beauty products on the market at an affordable price... I use the finest ingredients available, natural and organic oils and butter, herbs and therapeutic grade essential oils manufactured from the earth... All ingredients are researched and used for their skin loving benefits. 

I offer a  variety of products, Salves, Serums, Soaps, Bath &Body a large variety of all natural products, this does not mean ALL of my products are all natural. You can look at the ingredients of all my items.

HEARTMADE is more than just a name – it has been my personal journey of love for almost ten years now.


Yes, Queen!

Let’s talk beauty, boss-babes. Specifically HeartMade Naturals Queen’s Face Serum. It’s my single favorite item from this line: @heartmadenaturals, which makes relaxing, luxurious and therapeutic salves, serums, and soaps.

Why the face serum? It’s got all the good stuff for all skin types and ages: antioxidants, Vitamin E, essential fatty acids. Not only does it seal in moisture, but it also protects skin from free radicals and other damaging effects from the environment.

So what, Meg? A lot of companies do. I know, right.

What makes this company different? Brenda.

(And the fact that you can purchase this face serum that actually works without spending $50-$100.)

Brenda is a retired nurse who began to do some serious research to help abate the conditions of two of her many beloved grandchildren who were dealing with some serious issues, and she wanted to help. Hence the brandname: Heart Made.

And help from her heart she did by creating her line: https://heartmade-naturals.ecwid.com/

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About Us

Brenda Freeman

store owner

Heartmade begin 9 years ago from a need. I'm a grandmother to 8 blessings. I'm also a healthcare professional recently retired. As a grandmother to s special needs grandson Who has sever autism and  allergies I've researched everything and lots of prayers to find something to help his skin issues. I've taken classes and cont to learn everyday.  I never intended to sell my products but after giving, and others trying them and what a difference they made in our life,  in our skin care  and the encouragement from others I decided to open my little handcrafted with love business 5 years ago.   My products are beneficial and made with s purpose. Each product is made in small batches, using ingredients that have been researched for their beneficial value. I hope you enjoying using, as I enjoy providing. I'm available free of charge for ladies groups, workplace groups in services, to share about the benefits of essential oils and to allow you to sample, try and purchase my products. Heartmade doesn't fit in like all the others Heartmade stands out. 


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